Dundee Brand Guidelines

Dundee’s foremost key strength was its excellence in certain ‘niche’ industries and folklore surrounding the success of local heroes. This is a source of pride in the city, even for in comers not working in these industries. Dundee is changing rapidly and has at least two high-profile, focused industries: life sciences and digital media.

Dundee Waterfront Animation

The Dundee Waterfront vision is to transform, energise and connect the city to the waterfront, threading the city and water together to create a special sense of place.

A place that draws people to visit, live, work and invest!

Dundee Economic Profile

Dundee is a regional employment, education and retail centre. 300,592 persons reside within a 30 minute drive time of Dundee City Centre and 628,468 reside within a 1 hour drive time.

Economic Development Plan

The emphasis in this plan is to continue to equip the city to play its part in the 21st century economy. The Council will develop its work with business sectors that are adding employment such as Life Sciences and Digital Media. Those sectors between them now provide employment for over 10,000 people in the area and are continuing to grow. We will also continue our work with those currently not engaged in the workforce. Through the Discover Opportunities initiative we will ensure that as many people as is practical join the workforce in the years ahead. We have already, with our partners in the project, seen significant reductions in those not economically active in the city and see no reason why that progress cannot be maintained.